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Thayer-Rock Funeral Records
The Farmington Genealogical Society received permission from the Thayer-Rock Funeral Home in Farmington, Michigan, to create an index from their books of funeral records. As of June, 2018, 37 books have been indexed for a total of 10667 records. Thanks to Dale, Ursula, Sue, Myra and others for the hard work.  The next book will be available for indexing after the first of 2019.  The following items have been indexed:
        the deceased’s name,
        date and place of birth,
        date and place of death,
        father’s name,
        mother’s maiden name,
        spouse’s name, and
        marital status,
        “year" and "entry" numbers;
The Funeral Record books often have a great deal more information, including: residence, veteran status, occupation, employer, funeral date, clergyman and place of service, cause of death, cemetery information and newspaper obituary/death notices.
Anyone can search this index.  If you find a possible person or persons you are interested in, you can request a copy of the actual Funeral Record  (with cost information and Social Security number redacted). (You may also contact Thayer-Rock Funeral Home directly at 248-474-4131.)  Click here for a sample of the actual record.
If you are a Farmington Society member, your request is free.  
If you are not a Society member, you can obtain a copy of the actual record for a $5.00 donation per record.  If you have four or more requests, we encourage you to join the Society for the $20.00 membership fee and you can then get additional records for free.  With the membership fee, you are entitled to receive a monthly newsletter.
When searched, if the "Surname" listing displays a double red astersik (**), then the match was found in one of the relative names (father, mother, or spouse) which are displayed on the detail record.  The search is not complex like searches in Ancestry, Family Search, etc.  It only does an exact search.  Try using variations on name spellings for more successful searches.
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Actions Surname Given Name Birth Date Birth State Death Date Death State
View Abbey Verna L 1903-03-08 MI 1973-04-26 MI
View Abbott Louis Earl 1921-07-26 MI 1984-09-18 MI
View Abbott Shirley A 1921-09-18 MI 1974-10-18 MI
View Abdo Phillip 1925-08-19 MI 2010-01-04 MI
View Abdou Ajaj J 1910-07-10 Lebanon 1985-03-06 MI
View Abdou Albert A 1928-08-19 Lebanon 1989-10-01 MI
View Abdou Ellen F 1927-12-18 MI 2003-09-16 MI
View Abel Julia A 1902-09-16 MI 1992-04-12 MI
View Abela George J 1944-01-20 Malta 2015-04-17 MI
View Abela Cony 1918-12-08 Malta 2011-10-14 MI
View Abell Margaret Mary 1918-09-21 Canada 1988-10-09 MI
View Abid Sr Nicholas A 1926-04-28 MI 1986-11-25 MI
View Ablett Richard L 1925-08-21 MI 1993-12-21 MI
View Abraham Rosemary 1918-09-12 SD 1957-02-14 MI
View Abramson Matt 1911-12-06 MI 1991-06-21 MI
View Adair Robert F 1922-12-03 IL 2001-04-28 MI
View Adair Florence A 1921-05-09 MI 2011-04-20 MI
View Adam Alexander 9-May-1897 Scotland 1973-02-11 MI
View Adamic Helen M 1917-04-06 NY 2004-10-06 MI
View Adams Stephan C 1953-06-14 MI 2009-01-02 MI
View Adams Gilbert B 1916-07-19 PA 1976-07-13 MI
View Adams Merlen R 1901-05-05 MI 1968-06-22 MI
View Adams Michael R 1951-12-01 IN 1995-10-02 MI
View Adams Cecilia Minidis 1910-11-14 Macedonia 2003-02-19 MI
View Adams Amos A 1937-03-05 AR 2001-09-02 MI
View Adams Clyde H 7-Nov-1867 MI 1943-08-01 MI
View Adams Linda Lee 1942-02-24 NC 2012-06-18 MI
View Adams Verdie Mae 14-Jul-1899 WV 1988-11-28 MI
View Adams Karen 1943-11-14 PA 2015-07-03 MI
View Adams Willard G 6-Sep-1881 OH 1976-09-08 MI
View Adams Donald James 1940-10-01 MI 2001-11-13 MI
View Adams Bernice Jean 1937-02-05 WV 2012-02-02 MI
View Adams Irene E 1918-09-27 MI 2008-02-09 MI
View Adams Mildred (Millie) 1925-05-26 TN 2005-02-13 MI
View Adams Grace T 3-Jan-1884 OH 1963-12-18 MI
View Adams Vaux H 1922-05-25 GA 2008-10-17 MI
View Adams Minnie G 27 Feb 1915 Pennsylvania 11 Aug 1985 Michigan
View Adams George M 1947-04-30 MI 2007-01-28 MI
View Adams Henrietta 19-Feb-1875 MI 1966-01-22
View Adams Lucy Lorraine 1901-08-16 PA 1950-11-10 MI
View Adams (Walters) Viola 1908-09-14 MI 1978-06-09 MI
View Adamski Zbigniew N 1947-12-05 Germany 2009-03-26 MI
View Adamski Donna M 1955-12-15 MI 2007-07-25 MI
View Adanti Nellie 1910-04-11 OH 2016-10-10 MI
View Adanti Jo Ann 1938-08-23 MI 2006-11-20 MI
View Adanti Roy A 1935-07-06 MI 2000-08-19 MI
View Addis Marvin H 27-Nov-1885 NY 1975-02-17 MI
View Adkins Adeline C 1909-07-22 MI 2000-02-20 MI
View Adkins Charles Harlan 1915-08-26 MO 2002-09-11 MI
View Agar Isaac H 1950-03-27 MI 1972-10-28 MI
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